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What you were wearing...

   I like to keep this Blog moving in all directions all the time. For good reasons of course, peoples personal styles are always moving in all directions. I am not sure why and how it started but what people wear is so fascinating to me. I think it is because I have been dressing people for almost half of my life. I just wish I could get in their heads when they make their choices. I walk around the streets of New York and take photos of the outcome. Here are some from the last couple of days.  enjoy.

I have noticed a definite change in everyones choices lately. Maybe it's because F/W collections inspire the creative juices to kick it up a notch. Maybe it's because we are getting closer to Fashion Week. Whatever the reason, I am looking forward to see everyone in their best as the weather take a turn in that chilly direction. 

However...I would like to change the phrase "The City Where Anything Goes" to "The City Where People Are Taking Photos Of You So Dress Better"



Indie.Tea said...

LOL @ the name change. I really like the looks you found.

KcomeKarolina said...

nice pics!!! thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! cu soon on my blog!!! :P remember you can follow me with bloglovin.com
xoxo from rome

Natalie said...

cool pics! lovely blog :)


-Mac said...

Hey Jay! Long time no talk! I love the pictures! There is nothing like catching somebody off guard in a moment of styling enthusiasm. People do some "crazy" things with styling, don't they? I mean, I do sometimes too. It's sort of putting your inner feelings on the outside for everyone to see, right? Catch me if you can! ~Mac

-Mac said...

Hey Jay! Long time no talk. I love the pictures! it's amazing what you can catch with the lense when nobody is looking. People do some "crazy" things with styling, don't they? "Crazy" in quotes because it's all relative. Keep it up...chat with you soon. ~Mac

Sina Kauri said...

:) BRANSON.. and i think i like this striped autumn colored maxi dress.