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   It's funny, it is something I do all the time. My really good friend, let's call him "Harlow", just reminded me that sometimes I need to be less judgmental when it comes to peoples individual style. My goal for this BLOG is definitely not to bash people for what they wear, although it is an easy thing to do. My reason for starting this is to help people make smarter choices when they get dressed.
   I don't think that I am 'better' than anyone or 'holier than thou' but I do have the experience to make people look better. Oddly enough, it's a passion for me. I love clothing (mostly womens) and what it does for people. That smile women get when they find that dress that just immortalizes them. Or that handbag or that shoe that shines and will go with everything they own. Its psychological...it's magical...it's spiritual.
   Shopping can get really expensive. However, there is always an alternative. You may be salivating over that new 'DIOR" dress (Maribel ;) ) but there is usually something similar for less. It's all about knowing where to find it. I, unfortunately, always buy what I want, even though the price is usually absurdly astronomical. Well, I normally don't shop for myself...I love getting my wife new pieces. Don't even get me started on Rick Owens...
   Whatever the size of your wallet...I can help you shop. There are amazing designers out there. Even if you are not in a big city like NYC or LA, you can still shop online! I love window shopping online. As much as I am all for supporting the boutiques, online shopping is a sport. When I am shopping for myself, I usually need to try things on, but websites usually offer decent shipping rates and simple no hassle returns. Let's face it, you probably have more time browsing your favorite designers' sites at work than you do shopping on your days off.
   You may not think of this, but 'Fashion' and 'Style' are not always the same thing. A person could be defined by there sense of style. To some, that could be a negative statement. If you ask me, I am definitely defined by my style. The way I dress, do my hair, walk, talk...etc I am proud of my style and you should be too. I know that for a lot of people it takes awhile to know, understand and own their style. 'OWN', that is the key. Sometimes, if you wear what you want how you want, you really need to own it to pull it off.
   So, with a few basics down, I can pretty much help anyone make better choices for their particular style or mood. Send me photos of what you wear. Ask me questions. If you live near, I will be happy to take you shopping. If you know someone that needs help, tell them to follow my blog or email me. Can you imagine if everyone you passed on the street looked good?????

~ Branson

TheAvailableAnswer: Some of my favorites...

TheAvailableAnswer: Some of my favorites...: "Werkstatt rings. brilliant. I have this Damir Doma coat from a past season. Carol Christian Poell and The Viridi-anne boris bidjan sa..."

TheAvailableAnswer: Always know that people are looking at your style....

TheAvailableAnswer: Always know that people are looking at your style....: " "

Always know that people are looking at your style...always.