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Fads: Yes or No?

    I have lived through the 70's, 80's, and 90's and have seen many style trends come and go.  I am always curious to know how fashion trends get started. Some trends seem to stick longer than others, while some really just shouldn't be classified as 'trends' because they have been around for a long time and, in my opinion, will/should never go away.  I know how many 'bad' trends are out there and it would take too many photos and paragraphs for this post....so here are a few amazing fads as well as some  'questionable' ones.

Why why why? Until now, Crocs were my biggest no no for clothing/apparel. From my understanding, these toe shoes are not good for running. Also from my understanding, these shoes are just so NOT attractive. I have been seeing these on people here in NYC lately. So, the question is....why? Is it the answer for a mens ballet flat perhaps? I hope someone can enlighten me with this one. I am seriously stumped.


Drop Crotch Pants. Obviously, I am partial to these (as the photo is yours truly) The Harem pant really has been around in India for longer than any of us have been alive. As a trend however, it is fairly new to the scene.  MC Hammer, unfortunately, has given the drop crotch pant a really bad rap. (no pun intended)  Many people have strong opinions against these pants, especially on men. To me, they give men a different choice other than their boring normal day to day options.  I think that this type of pant should stay in the muted color palate although, I didn't mind Henrik Vibskov's Drop Crotch in this color:


Shoulder Pads. I have seen every episode of The Golden Girls. Their wardrobe always consisted of pieces with added shoulder pads. All of the shoulder pad pieces in the 80's still have me baffled. Did it ever make women look better? I just see female linebackers. However, I have seen a few modern pieces with exaggerated shoulder enhancements that are quite nice. For instance:


Skinny Leg Denim. Believe it or not, I was so against getting a pair for the longest time. I have been wearing womens jeans for so many years and I always went for a nice boot cut. Why didn't anyone force me into a pair of skinny leg jeans a long time ago?? I cannot imagine not having them in my rotation. I hear women say that they hate guys in a skinny jean....I say, stop being jealous! This is not a fad, this is here to stay  :)


Silly-Bandz??????????????????? I see these on more adults than children. I'm at a loss here. Please explain.

What are some fashion trends that you like or dislike??