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Did you just take a photo of me????

I sometimes think what it was like walking the streets in other cities that I have lived in. 

White with black is really nice when done correctly.

I have seen so many summer scarves lately! From small to extra massive...scarves find their way around your neck even in the hottest of days.

It is great when men take pride in their accessories.

If you wear color.....go all out!

Great hair is just as important as the dress and the shoes...all 3 done very well here.

If only I could get paid to shop all day. Love the heels mixed with casual touches. Very Girly.

If I was a woman I would dress like this...  http://thedivinitus.blogspot.com 
However, I really do love color. I have succumbed to the fact that it just isn't in MY cards to wear colors. I have to get creative and be 'colorful' in other ways.

I want to do another photo shoot soon. Maybe I can photograph YOU in your style? Let's talk