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A Giant Leap for (MAN)Kind

 I people watch everyday. If I could get paid to do it, it would be a dream. Unfortunately, it usually only pays in disappointment. Disappointment in mens fashion. I used to think it was the designers fault for not creating something worthy of a womans' closet. However, it is really men that will not take the risk of expressing themselves with elegant fabrics, creative architectural designs and  forward thinking. Men have basics...button downs, suits, t-shirts, khaki shorts and sneakers. When a guy wants to go out to shop for that 'new' cool piece, he ends up buying some sort of PLAID shirt. All of the insanely brilliant designers usually incorporate plaid into their collections because they know that is what men will wear. Is there no other alternative? Is there never going to be a change? Men need to know and understand that there IS more to mens style than the status quo. We could make the changes quietly and slowly, as to not make a fuss. Do not be afraid...jump in and breath it in.  Men...welcome to the world of fashion.

I like the skinny leg denim. I think it's great that men have embraced them. To make this look a little more stylish, I would change the sneakers to a nice leather shoe like these:

or a nice boot:

There is nothing wrong with what this guy is wearing, I would just like to see more men take it a little further.

This guy has the right idea. skinny black jean, comfortable but cool shoes and a vest. I am not the vest wearing type, but I love it when guys pull it off. Unfortunately, his style doesn't go with his friends'.

This guy looks great, but if he came to me and asked me to help him with his wardrobe, I would probably have him wear these shorts:

Granted, I do not want to push 'MY' style onto anyone. I just want to push 'STYLE' onto everyone. I think these shorts are edgy and masculine. You could take away the black leggings and boots, pair it with a short sleeve white button down and Bed Stu shoes and the whole thing becomes creative! 

Don't be an ironic tragedy

~I am here to help~

TheAvailableAnswer: If you could do it all over again...

TheAvailableAnswer: If you could do it all over again...: " Ok, you get up, brush your teeth, take a shower and head over to your closet. Hmmmm, you think about the weather today, what should I wea..."

What do you put all of YOUR things in?

The Darcy Studded Leather Bag by Alexander Wang. I am really liking his bags. He is developing a style that is Rock N' Roll yet done in a subtle way.  http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/95367

3.1 Phillip Lim "In a Pinch" Tote. I feel like you could wear this with anything! I haven't always been the biggest fan of Phillip Lim but I am also not a hater. The new Fall collection is pretty outstanding. http://www.beanieandcecil.com/wilmington/obsessions.php

Oilskin Nylon Bag with Leather Trim by Staerk. I see it everyday, woman carrying 2 bags on their arm. One fantastically cool handbag and one tote (for cardigans, extra socks, gym clothes, etc) You are almost NOT cool enough if you don't have 2 bags slingin'http://www.forwardforward.com:80/fwd/DisplayProduct.jsp?d=F&s=C&c=Jul+15&n=s&product=STAE-WA1

Tory Burch Caroline N/S tote. Whether you are a fan of the logo or not, this bag is great for anyone. I love the grey tone (it will pretty much go with anything) The extra strap is nice as well, if your wrist gets too tired from showing it off :)http://www.toryburch.com:80/toryburch/browse/productDetail.jsp?icProduct=21109064&icSort=&icCategory=cat70012

Nero Cervo Leather Bag by Bottega Veneta. Yes, I know, this bag is $1,400. Sigh. But, I will tell you this, the quality is unparalleled. One of my favorite bags. http://www.bottegaveneta.com/us/en/shop-products/Womens/designer-handbags/nero-cervo-bag_212741V174R.html#size=U;color=1000

Another Beautiful Handbag by Alexander Wang. Again, slightly edgy and still luxurious. http://shop.alexanderwang.com/shop/#/handbags/?style=2F10108

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 There are so many great handbags out there today. They have become an art form for your arm. Your accessories are more of a statement these days then the clothes you are pairing them with!