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Nothing Goes Better with BLACK than BLACK

If you just cannot figure out what to put on in the morning...Black is always your friend. 

Black will never let you down my friends. 

Have a great weekend! Whether it will be simple or fantastically outstanding, wear something great!


Follow up to previous post:

   I was thinking that the reason I started this blog was to help people find their style (or help perfect it)  My last post was really about what NOT to wear (ever) on a daily basis. I wanted to elaborate on that and give some tips on what you could do in place of those nasty rubber flip flops or crocs. If you are going to wear a dress, flip flops don't really do much for the complete look. They aren't the worst thing you can wear with a dress, but it leaves a lot to be desired. For instance:
I truly believe the girl on the right got up in the morning and chose this dress because she thought it was cute. My question is, did she put on the dress and just stop thinking about everything else? She has her nice handbag, cute bracelets, but then she put on the yellow  flip flops? Look at her friend to the left. Her friend chose sandals that worked well with her handbag. The browns really help pull out the red and purple  in her dress. My intention isn't to trash talk this girl, my goal is to help everyone understand style a little better. There aren't really any RIGHT or WRONG choices when you get dressed...just GOOD or BAD :)

Instead of the yellow flip flops, Staying within the same 'idea',  I might have picked something like this for her:
or this... 

 If it was ME wearing this dress, I would have added a black leather wrap belt to pull everything together and these:

...but that's MY style :) What's yours?