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What Style Defines You? OR What is Your Definition of Style?

    I am forever curious about how you make your choices with what you wear. There is so much more to it then just what you see. How did you end up with the style you adopted? Is your style constantly changing? Have you gone for the casual 'I don't really care' look? Or perhaps the 'I ALWAYS wear heels NEVER flats' look. How much thought do you put into what you wear each day? Do you just throw something on and it looks flawless or are you in your closet trying on pretty much every piece you own? I know that it has a lot to do with what mood you are in at that moment but what are the things you're trying on? Do you wear bright and bold colors or does your closet need extra lights just to see what hangs there (like mine) because everything is black? I wish I could go into everyones closet and see what they own!!! I also wish I had a closet they size of my apartment.

I am a huge fan of simple (I am a fan of a lot of things) I think she put some thought into the shoes and handbag for the dress. Also, choosing something that enhances your skin tone and hair color is crucial. There is a lot going on with the print and the ruffled detail yet it still looks easy and flawless.

This was one of my favorite looks today! Really though..she looks so confident! Clothes, accessories, hair..they all play a part in your style and there is no better compliment than confident. I see people wearing some ridiculous pieces but make them look so luxe with all the confidence they exude. The print is so great on this dress! Paired with white, it just jumps out at you! From the glasses to the shoes to the Ipod...the white accents make everything come together beautifully! Don't you just want to walk around with her? 

This girl owned that dress! It was 90 degrees out and she made it seem like it was a breezy oceanside moment. Long dresses are one of my favorites (when worn well) If I was a woman, I would probably be in a long dress of some kind 50% of my days. I have definitely seen some train wrecks when it comes to longer dresses though. Keep it simple and don't over do it with accessories, let the dress speak for itself. Keep in mind your fabric choices when wearing a long dress. If you are wearing it as a daytime dress, keep it casual and less dressy. You don't want to look like you are all dressed up and nowhere to go. Make it look like wherever you are going is THE place to go!

I have a lot of friends that like to have the 'boyish' look in their weekly rotation. I am all for it. I just wish that there was just a little more thought put into it. I see a lot of REALLY casual 'boyish' looks that just aren't flattering in the least. This girl knows how to do it right. How great are those little black socks with the lace-up shoe!!!!???? You can't see her shorts but they are a cute black short with a simple button down shirt. The hat really made the look for me! So remember, throwing on a size xxl college sweatshirt and a pair of big sweatpants isn't necessarily the best sexy'boyish' look.

One dress, one handbag, one pair of shoes....One complete look! Sometimes less is more. (and better) As much as I love jewelry, this girl rocked her look without any extra help. I would like to point out that I just love pockets on dresses! Yellow is sometimes a difficult color to wear but she has it down! So simple so chic.

I truly believe that individual style has more effect on us than is ever mentioned. How we dress reflects many things in our lives. I want to start a group...we could meet once a week and just talk about how we are going to put certain pieces together or maybe discuss how to help others enhance their style. Who's in???