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Kickin' it old Skull...

   Skulls in jewelry have always been associated with Rock and Roll. Over the years though, it seems skulls have made their way into the main stream of luxury goods. I know what you're thinking...skulls have been around in accessories for a long time. As this may be true, it hasn't been accepted as much in the major fashion houses as it has been lately. Skulls have been a fascination with me ever since I could remember. Maybe it had to do with being brought up listening to KISS. Whatever the case...I have always and probably will always love skulls. Is there anyone else who shares my enthusiasm for the skeletal beauty of skulls?

Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch (R.I.P.)

The Great Frog Skull Ring.

Werkstatt Munchen Skull Bracelet.

Garni Skull Ring.

Driftwood Skull Ring.

Unfortunately, there are some really bad skull jewelry pieces out there. There is a fine line with really great pieces and cheap looking wannabe cool pieces. Here are a couple of my pieces:

Alexander McQueen Skull/Horn Necklace. BillyBlue22 Hummingbird Skull Necklace.

The Great Frog Skull Rings. ChromeHearts Star Ring.