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Is it FUR you or not??

  Fur is always a topic of conversation when the Fall season comes around. Like most  things connected to animals...I am always interested. What about you? Are you a real fur of faux fur kinda person?

Alexander Wang Fur Boots.

Chanel Fur Boots.

Ann Demeulemeester F/W 2010.

What about faux fur??

Sophie McKay Faux Fur line.

Fabulous Furs Faux Fur Bolero.

Stella McCartney is designing the Guards at Buckingham Palace new Faux Fur hats.

Faux Real though.



Nataliexxx said...

This post is really interesting. My take is, why invest in real fur when very well made faux fur is readily available AND cost much much less. I guess alot of people that can afford real fur like the fact that they're wearing the real deal - but what really is the point since nowadays we've been made aware by animal rights campaigners that the vast majority of real fur is attained from severe animal cruelty. - some may even argue the "vast majority" is actually "all".

Great post!

Grace said...

I could go for some Sophie. Faux fur is available, so why not! Plus it still looks amazing.

Love Grace.

Amy T said...

i cant see myself wearing fur boots but i have a love for fur coats. they are so incredibly warmmm

jamie-lee said...

I actually own both real and faux fur - and am happy to buy what's available. Although honestly, I prefer real - it's so soft and luxe, and it keeps you incredibly warm! x


konshonchloe said...

cool post

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Not really feeling the fur on the boots.
Cool blog.


wobblinbetty said...

I'm in love with faux fur!