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Still Hot Out But We Must Still Be Cool

It has been a busy week. I bought a new camera and am still trying to work out all the manual aspects of it. Here are some photos with the new cameras' zoom lens :)

I am just so excited about this camera and this upcoming Fall season for style! I am trying to line up some great photo shoots to show off some amazing personal tastes. I think style is so important to express. Personalities come to a head when you feel comfortable with your style. Keep it up!



adele said...

Great candid shots! You've caught these people completely unawares. They have really cute style!

Cowbiscuits said...

excellent shots! Im coming to NY in Jan I hope I accidently get papped by you :P x

BRANSON said...

CB: Let's not make it accidental! email me when you make it to NYC!!!!

The Covetist said...

great shots.
much love.
keep on keepin' on.


nice sharper images :)