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Things I advise NOT to do if you are a guy...

   As you know, style is something that can be made up of many factors. I have said it again and again that my comments, photos and opinions are subjected here to help people see other possibilities of fashion and personal style. However, there are just some things that need to be blunt and to the point. Whether it's personal hygiene, grooming, clothes or other, I have strong ideas of what NOT to do.

Guys, I realize (being male) that when you sit down, your knees automatically want to gravitate in opposite directions (like opposing magnets) But, I have faith in you to be a bit more conscience of posture and sitting etiquette . It just isn't very becoming.

Grooming 101. Genetics can sometimes be a cruel thing. When it comes to hair, it seems everyone always wants the type of hair they DON'T have. You spend hundreds and thousands of dollars trying to re-structure you hair into art. I am all for it! There is something to be said about wanting to have your hair match the rest of your style. Go see a professional for some advise. In every town , hair salons are everywhere. If you can do it yourself, excellent and good for you...if you can't..I promise you there ARE options.

sigh... I feel some things just shouldn't have to be told or mentioned. We know that it is hot outside, we feel your pain. But the rest of us suffer that pain quietly and with our clothes worn in the correct manner. Be respectful to your clothes...they deserve your respect.

If you have long hair...well I'm jealous. I miss my long hair. I had ponytails all the time. I am a huge fan! But please no big cloth scrunchies . Enough said.

It's bad enough that men have very few options when it comes to clothes. For shirts, we have t-shirts and button downs. Since it is so limited, you should hone in on the good ones and make them work for you. Remember, your clothes should highlight YOU not the other way around.

I hope that I help people understand the art of style...and it really is an art. It takes some people a very long time to realize it. And, that is ok...as long as you do realize it. Mirrors were invented for us to use. Get a few of them. Make sure to view yourself 360 degrees before you leave. 




agree, no sitting etiquette bothers me a lot.

BRANSON said...

Welcome to my daily train ride home. Men sometimes have absolutely no couth.