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Womens fashion

   Unlike men, women have unlimited choices when it comes to what they wear. From disposable to luxury, endless possibilities are readily available. I have had this 'conversation' many many many times where people think that men have just as many options as women. No one has yet to enlighten me. When I am talking about this with women, they say, "Men have it so easy, I wish I could just throw something on and be comfortable". Well, I understand that, but I ask them..."so you would give up all the colors, fabrics, styles, designs, dresses, skirts, heels, handbags, jewelry"?  Their answer is ALWAYS no. I don't blame them, I wouldn't give it up either. That's why it is my passion, no, my mission to help men get to a better 'style' place in life. 
   I take candid photos of everyday passer-bys to view and comment on what they are wearing. Some will be fashionable and some will be a big disaster. This is to help people know that someone is always looking at their style and maybe help another person understand how to do things differently. Clothes make people feel good. Clothes give you a sense of pride. Let's face it clothes just make the world a better place. You don't have to spend a lot of money to look amazing. It just takes a little thought and understanding to put things together that make you look and feel great...and trust me, people WILL notice. Get ideas from these photos, Get creative...it's your right. This is what I found walking on the streets of New York City yesterday:

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