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Thank you so much for sending me photos! 
Wow, the leggings with the pockets printed on...all I can say is wow. Although this pair of leggings should never have been made, I am a huge fan of leggings. Women have really embraced the legging and made it really sexy. 
The guy in the middle photo took a hot and humid day attire and pulled it off. A black t-shirt really goes far. (it's slimming) I love it when someone pulls off a pair of cut off jeans. ...and no tall gym socks!
What can I say about the raccoon hat? ...It came equipped with its own tail...very creative?


NewYorkDoll said...

That hat looks rabid. Maybe he's not wearing it so much as he's being eaten by it.

NewYorkDoll said...

And also.... Listen... We've all joked about "painted-on jeans", but seriously??