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People in the City

   One thing in this world that I truly love is PEOPLE. It's not always about what they are wearing, but how they carry themselves. People have so much to offer. You know that feeling when you finally get that new handbag you've been salivating over for months? Or the new heels you couldn't live without? Well, watching people all day gives me that same feeling. Somehow, we are all connected (but that is a story for another day) It's not that I enjoy criticizing people, It's that I  enjoy learning from them. Enjoy.

Keeping it basic and simple sometimes makes the boldest statement about yourself.

Whatever you choose to wear, let it pull out your inner attitude and you won't go wrong.

I adore the long sleeves on her dress. Just because it is hot out doesn't mean you can't pull it off.

You can be Rock and Roll in a casual way. Love the denim. 

Be comfortable AND look sexy.  He makes it look effortless.

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