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The Long and the Short of it all...

It's a challenge we all face when the sun sets the heat to boil and the humidity overwhelms our pores...what do you wear and still feel sexy??? For women, it might be slightly easier to find shorts that will keep you cool and not look too dressed 'down'. I saw this woman out in the heat today and knew she didn't settle for anything less than HOT!!!!
I love the pocket detail on these shorts. It's easy to throw a black or solid white top together with khaki, olive and earth tone bottoms. Choosing a more fashionable short will make it easier to wear heels, if you are going for chic. You can always wear a tall black or chocolate brown boot with this look as well (weather permitting of course).

Right now you will be able to find some amazing sales on Spring/Summer collections as Fall is already hitting stores. Check out these stores for great 'sexy' shorts!!!




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