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I cannot wait for Autumn/Winter collections to hit the streets. It was yet another sad day in fashion.

I walk the streets of NYC everyday. I see good style, I see bad style, I see REALLY bad style, but today really lacked anything interesting. Maybe it was due to the clouds and rain, who knows? I work in one of the most interesting (designer) areas in the city, the Meatpacking District. You are pretty much guaranteed to see those who put together amazing things, but not today. I wanted to scream at people!!!!! OK, I never consider myself the best dressed person on the street...however, today I was. Kristine and I just got back from Paris and London. These people know how to dress! What has happened to this city? Perhaps it's the season. Spring/Summer never really did it for me in the past. Designers tend to get more creative for Autumn/Winter collections. Better colors, better fabrics and better designs! Especially for men. Men get to wear their accessories! Scarves! Hats! Gloves! Not to mention jackets and coats. But it is still Dante's Inferno out, so I will stick to the subject at hand....

This guy in the photo above didn't do anything wrong when he got dressed this morning. At least he isn't wearing super tall white gym socks. He could have ditched the PLAID shorts. Maybe a light denim jean rolled up (not cuffed) could have made it a little less 'touristy' and a bit more chic. A decent light jacket is always nice, but if it's too hot and humid out, like today, a simple (no print) t-shirt would do. Like this ->>

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