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Another sticky day in fashion.

   What would I do differently, you ask? Well, first off, I am very particular about prints. The wrong print could visually add on inches (and NOONE wants that) But, The print isn't bad for her skin tone. Also, I like that her handbag helps pull out the grey in the print. A lot of woman think they need to wear longer dresses. Thats fine, but picking which dresses need to be long is the key. This dress definitely needs to be right above the knee. The light cotton fabric of this dress will be more shapely for her body if it was shorter. I would have belted it with perhaps a wide (thin leather) Obi belt. The belt will help define a skinner waist, plus it's a good look. I might have also pinned the hair up in a sexy  wavy way. (It was 96 degrees out) I cannot really criticize the flip flops...I am just not a fan. I might have opted for a (better) sandle. Maybe the silver Tory Burch Thora. It's easy,stylish and would have completed the look from head to toe.


BRANSON said...

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NewYorkDoll said...

I'm with you on the dress length. Two reasons... #1 The dress has little shape of its own so a little leg action would let the rest of the world know that she has a figure under there. #2 She looks sort of petite and this length makes her appear even shorter. Not a bad look, but it could def be improved upon.