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EDGE OF URGE Wilmington NC

Kristine and I just got back from a great vacation in Wilmington NC! We did a little shopping while we were there. If you can't make it to Wilmington to check out Edge of Urge, check out their website at www.edgeofurge.com

Also, find them on Twitter: @edgeofurge



What are your favorite summer jewelry pieces????

Summer Jewelry. 

For all the years I have been styling people, I haven't really realized that some people have a different set of jewelry for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter!
I always wear the same pieces all year around...what are your summer choices???
Big chunky rings or smaller bands? Colorful or silver/gold?
bracelets or bangles? Thin simple necklaces or large over the top pieces?






What is Style to You?

Style. defined:

1.  The way in which something is said, done, expressed, or performed
2. A quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one's actions and tastes
3. A distinctive manner of expression
4. distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself

...you get the point...

To me, STYLE is limitless. Style is in everything you do or say or make. It is what makes you an individual or in fact the opposite, it makes you part of something larger that you feel fits your personality. 

Living in NYC, I have seen the gamut of different styles. From working for Gucci, Barney's and Catherine Malandrino to hanging out in Tomkins Park on a summers day. There is always something interesting to see when it comes to style in fashion. I love people watching. I wish I could do it as a full time job. I just took my camera out and captured some styles in walking around in Brooklyn.

Personal style really can't be good or bad...people will of course have their opinions, but it should really only matter to you and how it makes YOU feel. How would you describe YOUR style???


Bones and Feathers

Bones and Feathers


I love how accessories have taken a turn as far as their content. Bones, skulls, teeth....who would have thought? 
It has given a lot of independent jewelry designers the chance to show off their talent. I cannot wait to see more!


Ivan Grundahl A/W 2011

I have been longing for sunshine and warm weather all winter but this 
collection makes me want winter 2011 to come sooooon!

Photographer: Copenhagen Fashion Week®